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  1. Tumble


    Apparently steam don't do 'steam releases' on Sat/Sun as they have nobody from the value team in the office to verify the release checklist. Then Monday-Wednesday are all public holidays. So don't hold much hope. There were like 200k viewers on twitch all waiting for the release, massive fail! I'll probably still play, but its probably one of those games you should leave for a few weeks because it won't work but theres too much hype so everyone plays anyway.
  2. Tumble

    Legends of Aria [4th Dec 2018 Release]

    https://www.legendsofaria.com/purchase/?referral=a9-f80d Referral link just in case anyone does play - think we both get some extra loyalty points or something, no biggie.
  3. Tumble

    Star Citizen!

    Yeh let me know when the freefly finishes and i'll do a fresh install and will come board your ship ;o)
  4. Tumble

    Star Citizen!

    looks great Cog!
  5. Tumble

    Star Citizen!

    You playing at all at the moment Cog?
  6. Tumble

    Legends of Aria [4th Dec 2018 Release]

    Thankyou sir!!
  7. Tumble

    Legends of Aria [4th Dec 2018 Release]

    Dang I got the title wrong! Can't edit that ?
  8. We had an older thread for this here http://www.ginnunga.org/topic/14326-shards-online/?hl=aria&do=findComment&comment=232686 but created a new one as the name has changed. Originally called Shards Online, but now Legends of Aria. Official release is 4th Dec but with a 7 day headstart for pre orders / early backers. Seems to be a true sequel to Ultima Online, open pvp with full loot and karma system. Skill point pool based skill system. Crafting player driven economy with open house placement and player towns etc. Anyone planning to give this a go? Some links etc: https://www.legendsofaria.com/
  9. Tumble

    Tiny monitor

    If you download roccat powergrid on any phone/tablet you can create custom buttons/functions etc. Not sure its worth buying a whole new tiny monitor!
  10. Tumble

    New MMO, not for anyone. No hand holding..

    Tumble Gunz looks the coolest btw
  11. Tumble

    Divinity: Original Sin 2

    Yes my fault. We should do a 4 player sometime! My only criticism of the game is that the further you get the 'easier' it gets as there is always a way to cheese/dps burst an encounter to win as your characters gets so strong. Although to be fair it was many many hours and many very late nights before it got to this stage. By far one of the best games of this type I've played.
  12. Tumble


    Kunasha - come join us you will love it!
  13. Tumble


    Hey guys sorry I've not been around much the last week. The new house is taking more time up than I thought it would! I see everyone got invited to the guild though which is great x
  14. Tumble


    Feel free to join us in the other guild if you like - even for leveling there are plenty of alts and stuff to play with. If nothing else there is more green chat which is fun. You can start joining some raids from about 50 but also no pressure to do so. PS bring Elundil with you
  15. Tumble


    Gromk - gonna come play a beastlord with us?