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  1. Coots

    Battlefield V

    It warms my old cranky heart that all of you stopp by in the Battlefield thread to say hello
  2. Coots

    Battlefield V

    There does not seem to be much hype for this game. We did run a full squad a couple of days. But now Meilink is MIA. Ern is Ern. And I have not figured out Dansul's playing time. - Forever alone ! I do have a lot of fun though. Definitely as much as in BF3 maybe even as much as in BC2.
  3. Coots

    Battlefield V

    Was my first knife kill, too. And what a surprise it was.
  4. Coots

    Battlefield V

    I am enjoying this a lot. Feels a lot more like the old Battlefield games (BF2 / 3 BC2). Removal of spotting makes flanking viable again.
  5. Coots

    Guild Wars 2 Expansion :Heart of Thorns

    Can't decide which new elite spec to get excited about
  6. Coots

    Battlefield 1 - WW1

    No, I don't have Overwatch. It seems to be a good/popular game, but when I watched some youtube/twitch videos it somehow did not get me excited, don't know why.
  7. Coots

    Battlefield 1 - WW1

    Spring Update: https://www.battlefield.com/news/update-notes/spring-update They brought back Platoons, so in case anyone else is playing BF1 , I created a Ginnunga Platoon - feel free to join
  8. Coots

    Sammerkand - God of Hamsters

    ESO - best game ever !
  9. Coots

    Blade n soul

    Achievement unlocked : "Obliviously happy" - Being hyped about a game without noticing the corresponding forum section for 2 weeks.
  10. Coots

    Star Wars: The old Republic

    General Consensus is that Jedi Knight and Imperial Agent have the best story lines.
  11. Coots

    Guild Wars 2 Expansion :Heart of Thorns

    Used all my Tomes to level a Revenant to 80. 7 max level chars to play Fashion wars 2 with now
  12. Coots

    Blade n soul

    You got the guild logo wrong.
  13. Coots


    Can't watch - these centaurs freak me out.
  14. Coots

    Guild Wars 2 Expansion :Heart of Thorns

    Harald the Herald - Badass !!! brb saving the name.