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  1. Dansul


    "We're still working on a build. We will let you know when we have something more concrete, we think it will take at least 5 hours. Check back in the morning for another update." https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas/status/1076352327748108288
  2. Dansul


    Trenix is going to be the biggest prostitute in the game
  3. Dansul


  4. Dansul


    This looks nice! I will float with the boat....
  5. Will look into this today, not good with photoshop but its downloading atm. If you wanna try and make and emblem feel free to do so. Otherwise i will see what i can make Edit: also had no idea you could have clan emblems
  6. David you slacker! We have almost bought all recepies in the clan Dojo now. Stop slacking and start playing!
  7. Was like 3 years ago i invited someone. Had forgotten you just needed to type the name of the one you wanted to invite
  8. Just add me on friends for invites, ingame name is Dansul
  9. Dansul

    Ginnunga in Destiny 2?

    The interface of guildmanagement is not the best...
  10. Dansul

    Ginnunga in Destiny 2?

    Im active in D2 on PC, just add me Dansul#2809 If people are intrested in joining the clan, let me know. If anyone wants to become an admin just whisper me. PC players can join it, but it doesnt seem like "linking" accounts work as intended. I needed to "invite" my bnet account to the guild..... even though im the founder.
  11. Dansul


    Also shooting, that helps..... ​Also Gromk, sitting in a toilet in any building for more then 30 sec is considered camping. You cant just find a house in the middle of the circle and sit there for the whole round. To not be a camper, atleast alternate between first and second floor toilets atleast once a minute....
  12. Dansul

    Ginnunga in Destiny 2?

    Well consoles are nice for somethings, but not for fps. And Chimp good luck with your aimassist, guess there wont be any headshots for you
  13. Dansul

    Meet Bella, my kitten! :D

    Not sure what to feel..... this bad ass Lyngs guy wrecking faces in Pubg, then he gets something like this, so hes both hard and soft. World turned upside down.. ​Super nice kitten <3
  14. Dansul

    Ginnunga in Destiny 2?

    Might get it on pc, but prolly not at release want to see how it turns out first....