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  1. Muuman


    Almost level 30, got some 380 power atm, really enjoying it, looking forward to the act 1 coming in march.
  2. Muuman


    Me and dansul playing, anyone else?
  3. Muuman

    Escape from Tarkov

    Got a 3-day trial key: TU18E-D7BWY-1I3U1-VXV5U
  4. Muuman

    Apex Legends

    Got in with some german in my first game ever in this, we won! :D, I only killed 3 people, they did 11/5, but we squadwiped like 6 squads. It was fun!
  5. Muuman

    Star Citizen!

    Wow!! This, this was one epic video... Holy shit, imagine the fights one will have in SC 😄
  6. Muuman


    And I can't play all fecking day as I'm gone QQ
  7. Muuman


    And steam really needs to remove early access reviews. People are abusing it to review bomb, people were talking about review bombing this game with bad rep Before it was released because of delays..... Kinda says how useless people are.
  8. Muuman


    And people are entitled shitfucks. The games been out less than 3 days, they've sorted majority of the lag and rubber banding in the starter zones etc. Don't buy early access if you aren't prepared to suffer while they sort their shit out.
  9. Muuman


    Yes... Ark is successful. It's a great game and has progressed tons from alpha. Does it have /had issues? Yes. But having spent 1500 hours in it, kinda says something.
  10. Muuman


    I'm enjoying this a lot, it's fun exploring, building ships and such, but it is grindy, but I like grind, gives a sense of achievement 😛
  11. Muuman


    Fortifications and such in, snow landscape for now etc, vehicles added a while back I think
  12. Muuman


  13. Muuman


    I'm gonna make a manly big bearded man, I was a called Bobba in ARK, big and black and muscular, I shall remain Bobba - Devourer of weaklings
  14. Muuman


    Seems like we got quite a few people.. Just do expect there to be hickups early on.. always in in Early Access games
  15. Muuman


    Ill be on tomorrow in it, Im working until 16:30 tomorrow, then 12 days off work!