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  1. Calyn

    Forum Update incomming.

    Yeah the software changed login process and no longer allows those old username. It's retarded. Email should work for everyone though, if anyone can't get in poke me on Discord or find Cogency on TS I guess.
  2. Calyn

    Forum Update incomming.

    Emails should work now. To login use either display name or email, if it's giving you trouble try the password reset, if it still doesn't work ping me on discord.
  3. Calyn

    Forum Update incomming.

    So seems the login method changed and it's working for some people, not for all Adding to that, emails are not sending. Checking both.
  4. Calyn


    bad timing but i'll join in the new year
  5. Calyn

    Battlefield V

    So I assume everyone complaining about Discord data harvesting has deleted their facebook/whatsapp long ago. Right?
  6. Calyn

    Lineage 2 M

    While we're ranting about phones, the kids here are literally incapable of social interaction and can't sit at a dinner table for more than 5 minutes without phone. Actually not just kids, most of my previous co-workers in their 20s don't look up from their phones during lunch break. It's depressing. According to my iphone screen time I average 55 min a day on the phone. Most of that is reading news while pooping but I think it's already a lot. I'm an outlier among my peers here, everyone else spends a good chunk of their waking hours on their phone. While commuting, sure, I get it, I used to commute 3h a day and was reading on my phone all the time, but it gets very difficult to put it down after that and I try to not touch my phone when I'm with people no matter how boring it gets. Quite frustrating when you are the only person at a table not staring at a screen. Or in meetings, holy shit I'm getting mad just remembering that half the people I used to work with couldn't pay attention to WORK for more than 15 minutes. We had to ban phones from meetings after that. What was this topic about again oh god I'm old
  7. Calyn

    Lineage 2 M

    Yeah no I always wondered who even plays all these mobile games but if you take the metro here nearly everyone is staring at their smart phone, half of them watching korean soap operas and the big bang theory, the other half playing games, mostly dota or pubg clones or some action rpg that seem to consist almost entirely of flashy attack effects and big numbers. Unfortunately that market is a lot bigger than PC nowadays, and not just that, it's also still growing at double digit % every year while PC has been mostly stagnant. Blizzard's Diablo announcement is the biggest sign of things to come I think. It's going to be niche MMOs and indie games from here on.
  8. Calyn

    Battlefield V

    I was playing this with Meilink last night! But I don't think he noticed.
  9. Calyn

    3D Mark 11 - Now Timespy!

    Bought a new PC and almost tripled my score:
  10. Calyn

    firefox vs chrome

    It does, I just got too used to Chrome's and think they are better
  11. Calyn

    firefox vs chrome

    I use Firefox for browsing and Chrome for development stuff (I just cant get away from Chrome's dev tools). Plus I like using Chrome profiles to separate work stuff. Firefox is awesome and much less of a resource hog than Chrome, but it does have issues. Media heavy tabs tend to become unresponsive if left open in the background for a long time, never noticed this with chrome. It also reacts weird when dragging it around monitors and takes a few seconds to fix itself afterwards. Most annoyingly for me is its inability to "just work" with global proxy mode, need an addon for it or set manually. There is also Brave browser btw. It's a bit rough around the edges last time I tried, which was like half a year ago, but it's basically Chromium (without all the Google crap).
  12. Calyn

    Battlefield V

    Ah fuck it, downloading
  13. Calyn

    Battlefield V

    Ugh, so tempted, but I know I'll regret it when I can't play with you guys
  14. Calyn

    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    I played MTG online quite a bit a long time ago, but the client got an overhaul at some point and it all went downhill from there. Unfortunately every other MTG they made after that is just lacking features compared to that. I don;t see the point of playing without trading for example. That was half the fun in MTGO. On the other hand it's Magic and I'm bored. Hmmmm...
  15. Calyn

    Ultra wide monitors

    I have a 980 ti and been very happy with the X34P, but then again I barely play any shooters or anything demanding so it may be different for you. Can play WoW on ultra settings with low anti-alias settings on 100-120 hz for what it's worth if you can compromise on some graphic settings then you should have no problem And for work it's the best screen I ever had, I like it much more than the 4k Dells I had in the office.