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  1. Gromk


    Also.. If we want to go for Atlas as a "game game" we should look in to EITHER get super super active officers here on the forums going... OR use the Ginnunga Discord more, but only for the text features, the sound fucking sucks donkey balls. We have this night wasted A LOT of resources in to two MAJOR projects. Both fun, both valid, both cool, both enjoyable, both good. But neither one complete. The wall is not of super much value untill we have a front wall (I suggest not so far out, just before the wooden stairs so we get it done fast). And the boat is not sailing. Both projects cost MASSIVE amounts of wood. So, we shoulda finished one of them, not halfass two (although back wall is AWESOME now, go chekc those small rooms out, Meilink <3). We should have a discord chat with like "current guild project" with what mats people shuold focus on, sticky some threads people can put in some infos like "this is how you X" This is why you shuold Y". Also I think it's awesome people are doing different things to have fun, I'm sure as hell goofing around and we're gonna need many different things to succeed. But when it comes to the massive big stuff we kinda need to complete them 1 and 1.
  2. Gromk


    Just gather wood and stone and we'll be fine. Oh and fiber.... And thatch.............. SO we can get what we really want: Metal.... ? =D
  3. Gromk


    That city map though! 😍
  4. Gromk


    So, where's our game? =D
  5. Gromk


    Is there really anything else to talk about though? Oves penis? Karges penis?
  6. Gromk


    With snacks it's like 20+ EUR to go to a movie at the cinema here... So yeah.. My only problem is that Vikendi (new PUBG map) seems to release on the same day and when they released Sanhok this summer they had a month long map specific event, they are reprising that on Vikendi, and I WANT ALL THE STUFFS. SO I gotta have time for PUBG as well! =/
  7. Gromk

    Twitch - SLOBS - Leaderboard

    Also, look at that fucking PERFECT donate banner and the sub one "The Business". Made by Lyngs! ❤️ A group of Ferrets is called A Business or a Busyness (yes really) of Ferrets. How perfect is that?!
  8. Trying to display the leaderboard for subs here. The superstar I want to show off in particular is Rellic who has donated subs to many others in the channel. But the display just shows 1 sub each, it counts the subs people got gifted to them on their own accounts, it doesn't show them as if Rellic bought them. I'm using the SLOBS panel thingie for it as you can see at the bottom. It also takes whoever I'm currently hostings stats for the leaderboard, if they have one like tsnpov I autohost has. I just want the world to know Rellic is the bestest, cause I think some people don't know that yet.
  9. Gromk


    The more reading I do, the more torn about this title I get. I'll give it a go for sure though, let's rush a big boat together somehow! =D
  10. Gromk


    Keeping any "I'm going live" messages striclty to Twitter from now on. And in direct DMs to people who have asked for that, like Samhain. https://twitter.com/IllerMikael/status/1072445372595875843?s=20
  11. Gromk


    All I'm saying is.... The last time we just kinda hopped on to a coming MMO a little last minute we had one year of insane attendance and fun in BDO.. I'm down!
  12. Gromk


    I think that trailer looked AMAZING! Haha
  13. Gromk


    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/346406316?t=00h24m39s That's an "out of the box" theme from SLOBS, just tiny adjustments on positions and stuff. And yes I know as an Affiliate the video won't stay up forever. =P
  14. Gromk


    https://streamlabs.com/slobs/d/12062880 So. I was using the "normal" OBS for my stream (https://www.twitch.tv/1ller go FOLLOW if you haven't already, pew pew). And people kept telling me to get Streamlabs OBS instead. Today my dear Macco came over and kinda forced my hand to install it. Boy am I glad he did! There's just too many good things about SLOBS compared to the software I was using. Good looking themes for one, I'm not an artist and getting these making the stream look good for free is amazing, the one I'm using currently is even animated during the idle screens. And as an affiliate I even get some money when someone installs it through my link at the top here. Yey! So since I know at least two people who claims they're about to start streaming that reads this forum, use the link above to start your next stream and you'll be doing me a solid at the same time, excellent! The kickback goes through when you acctually stream for the first time using the software, so eventhough you're a nice guy clicking the link to help out I appriciate it, but don't bother unless you acctually have an interest in streaming at least once in your life. Thanks again for all the support! Been a bit focused on other things than streaming since I got the affiliate, but there'll be a lot more time in game from now on! Edit: I was gonna cut off my second screen from that screenshot untill I realized some of you are in the pic! Yes, that is STILL my desktop background, represent!
  15. Wills tay off Youtube videos for a bit now, it's about 25 times as hard making money there over Twitch. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT! If you haven't, go follow that Twitch channel, he makes money from it if you do! =D