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  1. charnel


    Looks effing cool but doubt i'd play :/
  2. charnel


    Wish i could play, my HD6970 is way too old for it
  3. charnel

    SWTOR: Anyone playing?

    Cool! I just wish i had my own copy in the wayback times. Wonder what stuff you get from it, i mean, from subbing now you get all expansions unlocked, which is kinda neat! Also, i love GSF (pvp tie fighter game), it should have been in the game from the beginning.
  4. charnel

    SWTOR: Anyone playing?

    Got reminiscent and started playing, wanna play some with me? Playing on Darth Malgus server, invites to Ginnunga can be had (yes, oldschool server moved guild). Anyways, if you wanna swing by just shoot me a message in game or here to get invites. Reflink for me if you wanna sub for 7 days to get prefered status (if creating a new account) is: http://www.swtor.com/r/pKjhB3 Mebbe seeyas, lots new cool stuff has been added
  5. charnel


  6. (If you wanna try it out, please use my referral code when creating an account ) EC-OLWAI96GYPLSZ
  7. Free to play (without key) has officially launched, join and try it out, fuck negative reviews, if you liked WH40k: Space Marine you're gonna love this.
  8. We are very excited to introduce a free version of Eternal Crusade, a limited version of the game previously known as Free to Waaagh! We've made several enhancements to our original vision, and are happy to announce the following in our free version: All factions are playable All classes are playable except the Assault class Purchased RTC counts towards upgrading to the full Premium version Progression is 1/3 of the premium version and the remaining progression is banked as you play Banked progression is unleashed when you upgrade Upgrade is buying RTC for $20 for which you can buy cosmetics and awesome looking weapons for. Progress at 1/3 won't cripple if you like the game, then it's just skulls for the skull throne, expect L1-5 in 50-100hrs (Veteran classes unlocks at L5 so it's an incentive). JRPDN-A9RRD-P7QN7 LO933-KWVAK-9NCQA LMJ4P-A5YM2-CEFEV These are Steam keys, if you claim one just note it in the replies.
  9. Since the MMO part has been postponed indefinately and Bandai forced release it's now a multiplayer shooter. Anyways, the game is quite nice, lag has gone way down and graphic performance has gotten more stabile. More content is on the horizon, terminators being the first of them and then elite classes. Did i mention that it's on sale today? Frickin 60% off, go get it! tl;dr? Server based WH40k shooter, fark PvEhammer and come stomp Ork skulls!
  10. charnel

    Tom Clancy's: The Division

    Should have been an MMO from the start, not this "Play with your 3 friends" "unless you're in a PvP zone, cause then shit hits the fan if you're derp enough" game, played beta, did really not enjoy it, how the shit are you supposed to find any real amusement in building your own personal base.. not the "Me and my guild got this bunker kitted up and ready to move out, we're giving a heads up that we're gonna eff you up"
  11. charnel

    Warhammer 40.000 - Eternal Crusade

    Overlooking Drakhorns sand in his vagina, Space Marines are heavily undernumbered
  12. charnel

    Warhammer 40.000 - Eternal Crusade

    Started Ginnunga up just in case anyone wants in, the violence pulls you in the game quickly
  13. charnel

    Tom Clancy's: The Division

    Got into beta, gonna see if i can run the game at lowest
  14. charnel

    Warhammer 40.000 - Eternal Crusade

    Oh, and if you're thinking of playing and haven't started an account, please use my Referral EC-OLWAI96GYPLSZ
  15. charnel

    Warhammer 40.000 - Eternal Crusade

    Just leaving this here..