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  1. EverGlade


    This almost made me sign up
  2. EverGlade

    For those interested in L2 Classic NCWest Server

    Its horrible. The drops are very low. The xp is very low. Unless you pay, then its normal.....................
  3. EverGlade

    Bless Online

    well I am still thinking of giving it a go
  4. EverGlade

    Surviving Mars

    All keys​ gone? Consider this a divorce
  5. EverGlade

    Bless Online

    I am not sure why this post is disturbing. Perhaps its that Zyphi may be thinking that I am so old that I might actually be dead. But anyway I am still playing lineage 2 classic. However I would like to play another mmo with the Ginnungans. (and for Zyphi, yes before I die)
  6. EverGlade

    Bless Online

    Anyone have any experience of Bless Online.? Seems youtube is suggesting similarities with Aion That is good or bad depending on your viewpoint
  7. EverGlade

    Ascent: Infinite Realm

    Steam punk meets Aion meets Archeage
  8. EverGlade

    Lineage 2: Revolution

    My eyes are too poor and fingers to big to play anything on a mobile
  9. EverGlade

    Star Citizen!

    This thread is coming up for its 4th birthday. I will be dead before its fully released
  10. EverGlade

    Grim Dawn

    Not the Ernesto that went afk for 2 days whilst tanking for his group in the layer of Antharus! Not him surely
  11. EverGlade

    Kongregate's Tower keepers

    Lol. I got you in Attack tower. But I didn't have any attacks left. I am lvl 24 now
  12. EverGlade

    Kongregate's Tower keepers

    Anyone playing this fun and addictive game. Plays in a browser. The sort of game you can put any amount of time in to waste away bordem Basically you level up toons in a party of 4 The combat is automatic, but you assist with power skills at the right time I can join a guild but which one? I found this because I still love to play monster dens book of dread that Ernesto once posted
  13. EverGlade

    Sammerkand - God of Hamsters

    Next MMO you guys start count me in. But Playing L2 classic currently
  14. EverGlade

    Sammerkand - God of Hamsters

    Whats with all these 'old man' comments. Show some respect.
  15. EverGlade

    Pokémon GO!

    W T F