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  1. Cogency

    Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

    Ahhhhhhhhh the game that had really good PvP/siege area which they completely fucked up with terrible patches and just made it worse and worse
  2. Cogency

    3D Mark 11 - Now Timespy!

    So close to 8k! https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/32222244 5,2ghz, on aircooling. Temps on cores were between 78 and 81! The CPU is very many strongk. The GFX is good, but not for uber scores. hehe
  3. Cogency

    AMD & Nvidia gfx blabla.

  4. Cogency

    Iron Harvest

  5. Cogency

    AMD & Nvidia gfx blabla.

    Dont think it matters much. It's mostly software related I think?
  6. Cogency

    AMD & Nvidia gfx blabla.

  7. Cogency

    3D Mark 11 - Now Timespy!

    Delidded my cpu, its now 15+ celsius less when stress testing. What a beast. Not bad on air cooling! @5ghz
  8. Cogency


    Get it! https://store.steampowered.com/app/880940/Pummel_Party/
  9. Cogency


    You know what the best part is about trying some random joe bob game mmo that nobody really anticipates playing. No one cares if theres a delay. 😁
  10. Cogency


    Teamspeak has channels, the forum also has a sub. http://www.ginnunga.org/forum/163-atlas/
  11. Cogency

    Forum Update incomming.

    Have you tried remembering it? 😁
  12. Cogency


    Yeah, and in all honesty no matter how shit the mmo we played has been. Time x money wise it always been a decent investment haha.
  13. Cogency

    Forum Update incomming.

    Calyn will update the forum for us. So when at some point the forum is down or something, you know why. Some stuff might end up a little bit broken, some stuff may look a little bit weird. But in time we'll sort that also.