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    Trenix our first Level 55 and Mediah tomorrow!


    By Cogency, in News,

    Congratulations to Trenix aka Muuman! He was the first of us to hit level 55 after living in the Calpheon Shrine for 3 weeks.





    Daum also just released the Mediah trailer which will hit our servers tomorrow!


    Mediah Expansion Features:

    + World size increased by 30%

    + Over 1,000 new quests

    + Kzarka - An enormous boss that can take on hundreds of players at a time

    + New guild missions, including special bosses that drop formidable weapons

    + Crimson Battlefield - Instanced 40v40 skirmishes that players can queue for in groups of five or solo

    + New weapons and more powerful armor set

    + Craftable Alchemy Stones allow players to apply Attack, Defense, or Life bonuses to their equipment

    + Equipment can be enchanted to higher levels

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