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    By Ernesto, in History,

    Granado Espada was called Sword of the New World in the non-asian release and that was what we played.


    We played this game during the open beta and a few weeks into release. We had high expectations for the game and Ginnunga was formed by Gromk the day the servers opened. The version of SotNW that was released lacked alot of the features that Granado Espada had on the original servers, so the interest for the game faded within our comunity, when there was no colony wars or other PvP except for the AM tournaments.


    There were major flaws in the PvP system of this game, the major and gamebreaking one being that when you flagged yourself as a PKer, you were also hostile to your guild and group.


    This did not stop Glorious leader Ernesto and PKer extraordinaire Cogency to purchase 24h access to the best levelling grounds in the game, and then promply PKing everyone in there. This naturally led to some enormous rage on the server since apparently the alliance of carebears had flagged the zone offlimits for PKing, since it was a pay-to-play area. You do not have to guess many times that we simply bought ourselves another round of access and killed even more.


    As of may 2008 some of us are back in action in this very unique MMO and have teamed up with the Unforgiven clan and by now colony wars and the likes was fully in place. We totally dominated everything to a degree that made the server a wasteland for meaningful PvP. Domination and the boredom it brings has always been our greatest enemy, so after a few weeks of trying to pick fights and PKing people into rage, we just simply retired again from this interesting, but flawed game.


    Since the game used the surname, or the family name for communication, we created a little roster to keep track:

    Family        Name


    Guillen        Ernesto Iller        Gromk Bucephalus    Cogency Lunkwill    Wowbagger Makaron        Speijer Siggeson    Sigge Mansson        Ove Costella    Drexa Sinafein    Sinafein Maslak        Reapergrim dravoc        Sitecom / Djens WAI            Ebn Appledore    Qwazin Smift        Bragollach Oster        Grimmur Garanshult    henraw Quartermain    Jackster Vasconcelos    Meilink Bolsje        Arla Troupp        Dermillion Meliadus    Meliadus Helias        Helias Rubmlebottom    Malrubius / Ssora


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