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Final Fantasy XIV

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Damn....I just saw a trailer for this game and thought I'd check the forums for what people think.


Gutted to see that it seems to be pretty bad....FF is my fav brand but without PvP its nothing for me.


I'll keep an eye on Guildwars 2 I guess.

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i would buy at least 5 copies of each remake of any ff 6-7 or 8 they would do.why couldn't they invest in something that people actually want? Damned Enix.

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9 years later, Sinful finds Final Fantasy XIV! 

Yes, I'm bored and need a mmorpg-fix, and I'm getting it here atm. Up to level 42, just doing the main story, and having a really good time just enjoying the scenery and playing through the story. 

Is anyone else playing it on the side etc? 


If anyone happens to be interested here's a quick pro and con after having played a couple days:


* Very pretty for a 9(!?) year old game.

* Free trial up til level 35.

* Lots of content to get through, the main story quest line is like... 400 or so quests. Sadly only a minority voice acted, but I'm about ~150 quests in and I've heard the story only gets better.

* Class balance seems very good, based around party play, but every class can solo.

* Lots of QOL stuff has of course been implemented, fast travel etc all working very well. 

* I really like the class system where you can level any class on the same character and instantly switch between classes. You level them individually though, so you can be a level 50 Warrior, and a level 10 White Mage. Your warrior doesn't get better by having more classes leveled, it's like if you would switch to an alt when you switch class, just that you don't need to relog it's all in 1 character. 


* Combat system is a bit... Clunky. Not bad at all, just doesn't feel as... connected as BDO for example. Still enjoyable. 

* Bloated effects, when you're in a party there's lighting and shit everywhere.

* IF YOU DON'T LIKE QUESTING DO NOT GET THIS GAME. To get to later expansions you NEED to complete the main story quest line! That's how you unlock more content, not by leveling. So if you HATE story quests, never read a quest dialog and can't enjoy that sort of game play: DO NOT GET THIS. 

* PvP, from what I gather so far, is a very niche activity. PvP balance is not a focus. Not even sure what kind of PvP there is. 

Edited by Sinful

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I went back and played it myself twice I think. Had fun, served its purpose and I've moved on again. 

Think I had 4-5 50's but only my White Mage had competitive end gear.

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