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Fragleague first season conclusion - Very excite, much wow!

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As some of you know, me, Burre and a few others are playing in this tournament for PUBG. Currently we acctually are in the lead in our division and have a good oportunity to move up to a division of greater glory very soon.


Leaderboard right now:

PewChickenPew: 5631p (awesome name huh?)

karinarecords: 5017p

Inception: 4086p


The team that were favorites to win the whole thing before the tournament started (BLODPUNG) at fourth place currently and the most viewed streamers (Arga Skånska män) at rank seven, it makes for an interesting end of the season tomorrow. With the ruleset and the amount of games that are being played tomorrow any of the top 8 could potentially win the division. Tomorrow.. 


What has happened is that two rounds that should have been played on other dates, due to technical issues, are going to be played tomorrow instead. So, our Sunday looks as follows.


Round one 13:00 CET

Round two 16:00 CET

Round three 19:00 CET


Each round is three matches, so many excites, much wow incoming!


If you'd like to support us, send some love our way wherever you can. If you'd like to view this "live" you can check any of our streams out, they'll all have a few minutes of delay cause of streamsniping.




https://www.twitch.tv/schmaco (he probably won't stream cause of tech issues right now, but I figured I need to show some love to the best Macco in the world).



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It did not go our way. 


The tournament started on FaceIT servers (higher tick rate, less desync, more fair) and a few weeks ago due to tech issues they went with hosting custom games ingame.


There's videos on this on the interwebs and I shouldn't talk too much about it since I don't realy understand it. But since some stuff gets sent from the computers and not from the server the players with a higher ping gains a little advantage. Coincidentally all the finish teams have gone better on average sicne they stoped using FaceIT, they should also have higher ping on average to say Frankfurt over a Southern swede.


BUT, we failed a lot as well. In the warm up games between we dominated, Kekkz even stomped some realy realy famous streamers inbetween, then we just crumbled in the tournament. Sad. I had chat messages about how we were too good for the division and we still didn't get the win.


Silver lining is that I have in the past 30 days all the prereqs for making Affiliate on Twitch, except the arguably easiest one, which is reach 50 followers. Writing this right now I am at 33, been gaining quickly from today.


If you feel like helping out by clicking a button please click the heart (the heart is right up Ginnungas ally isn't it?) and follow me channel on: https://www.twitch.tv/1ller


Pro tip is to check your notification settings so you don't get an email everytime I go online. But for the heart, clickt he heart. Lots of love!


And a special thanks to Lyngs, Burns and others who watched us live today, it means alot! <3

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Woke up to 40 followers now, thanks a lot!


I was going to wait with asking for help untill the second PC (which is on the desk in parts and needs assembly) was built, new mic and camera had been delivered and everything was set up.


But it just sorta happened that the average views and other stream stats got good enough already. Cheers and thanks so much to those who put that heart button under their mouse cursor! ❤️

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Happy that you finally pulled that ferret out your bum and started streaming. I always try to keep a window with your channel open. Even if I am not watching. 


As I kept telling you, there is a professional entertainer/streamer trapped inside that manly body of yours. 


I wish you all the luck in the world. Quality will not be an issue. 


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48! Thanks for all the kind words and support.


Getting partner is going to be a GRIND! Getting the 50 ill mean I get a bunch of tools to help out though, you don't start at Twitch with all settings available. 

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Wills tay off Youtube videos for a bit now, it's about 25 times as hard making money there over Twitch.





If you haven't, go follow that Twitch channel, he makes money from it if you do! =D

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