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Skyrim - VR

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GOt this for free off steam as i had some promo or other from Bethesda.


Got to say.


THIS is what VR was made for! Albeit i have modded to improve the visuals, but the sheer "shit your pants" moments when you are attacked by a dragon are ..... sublime.


The height of your character in game can easily be adjusted so that you can play sitting down and not standing, as well as a wealth of other nice touches, such as turning your head makes you move in that direction, over and above the hand controllers.


Bow and arrows. Fully accurate or dumbed down for realism. You can choose to have to swim with your arms, or physically crouch, to well, crouch.


With the built in headphones for the Rift, you HEAR the monster sneaking up behind you in the dungeon. Swords and shields follow your arm movements, so you can stab / slash and parry as well as block.


I am old and unfit, this game has had me dripping in sweat, and loving every minute of it, and the Boy has, for the first time in a long time, wanted to play with Dad. (read get home from college early and hog the headset).


I forgot how in depth Skyrim is as a game, and am actually really enjoying the story (yes, it comes with both expansions) and once suitably modded for gfx and lighting improvements is damn awesome.


I shall post some videos once i work out how ......






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Good to hear that you are getting some exercise. I am looking forward to watching those workout videos!

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