Ginnunga - a Whitefall Guild in Rift

Sun, 06 Feb 2011 21:43 | Ernesto Ernesto in Rift

The guild in Rift on Whitefall EU (PvP) Guardian
The guildsection for the guild Ginnunga in Rift on Whitefall is mainly compromised of old PvP players from Dark Age of Camelot, Lineage 2 and Warhammer.

We do not only focus on the PvP aspects of the game however, we also have a strong desire to make sure that we are also among the first to beat the PvE content of the game. Despite having a PvP focused orientation in previous RvR or PvP games, we have always been among the first, if not the first to clear PvE content.

Why would a guild with people mainly oriented in fighting players be so keen on defeating computer controlled opponents then one might ask and the answer is simple: So that we obtain big shiny swords, so we can more easily beat players with them.

We are very guild oriented and always work for the guild first, our alliances second and our faction last. We as a guild try to do as much as possible together so therefore we do not only track attendance during PvE raids, but we also track attendance for PvP nights, which takes place as often as PvE raids.

We are well aware that Rift is mainly focused on PvE content, but that does not stop us from having a good time in warfronts and open world PvP, as long as the server performance (lag) can handle it.

While we do not like fancy labels we find that "hardcore" might not be the best word to describe us, a better word to be used would be "serious". We play to win, but not at the cost of social structure and disorganized laughter.

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Rift - Recruitment

Sun, 06 Feb 2011 21:43 | Ernesto Ernesto in Rift

Ginnunga currently has the following slots open for recruitment:
Mages: 2
Cleric: 1
Rogue or Warrior: 1
If you are fully T2 expert equipped (preferably with some or most T1 raid items), please make an application We are playing Rift as a guild on Whitefall.

If you feel you are a totally outstanding player in a class that is not mentioned above don't hesitate to send an application anyway, as we are always looking for experienced people that want something more out of the game.

Ginnunga is and has always been a high level guild. We want adults who play a fair amount but have high communication skills and a massive love for gaming. We are looking for players who will stick around after the game is long dead and buried to play future games with us as well. So, we want more than just skills with the specific game, we want awesome, awesome people who are fun to hang with.
We pride ourselves in being a big yet close-knit community with a family atmosphere. Due to our outstanding history in previous MMOs we receive a lot of applications for our sections, which means that unfortunately not everyone can make it into the guild. Submitting a thorough, spell-checked and honest application will increase your chances tremendously, whereas one-liners will result in immediate rejection.

  • Play alot. We don't mean 16 hours a day, but if you only play an hour a day, we might not be the best guild for you.
  • At least 20 years of age as we are a mature guild.
  • You need to have Teamspeak3 installed, a working microphone, a solid connection and a good computer.
  • You enjoy playing the game and you enjoy to be commited to it and the guild.
  • Enjoy fighting, winning OR losing.
If you after reading the above still are interested, these are the steps you should follow:You will be contacted here on the forums about your application. If more than 5 days pass without a word, please bother Pinchy, Fastas, Cogency, Kunasha or Ernesto in-game or here on the forums with a private message.
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  • Close
Example of a real, accepted application

Character: Sarya
Forum Name: Sarya
Class: Swordmaster
Server: Warhammer
Game: war
Realname: Clément Prévoteau
Age 22
Country: France
Location: Epernay (Northeast of France)
Renown Rank:
Armory link: Click!

Former Guilds:
Reason why I left/got kicked:
I have never been in a guild... so no reasons !
Previous Raid experience:
Regular playing hours:
I'm online almost all the time, but not always in front of the computer. My gaming hours are usually (In GMT +1) :
Talent Spec & Tradeskills:
Scavenging and Talisman Making
Friends in Ginnunga:
Not yet, sadly :(
Why I want to join Ginnunga:
A simple answer would be : to play, but I'm gonna develop this point more fully.

I've heard about Ginnunga with Lineage 2 and the "Uprising" alliance, when you had the name "Reborn". I must say you have a formidable reputation : quality players and an awesome sense of organization. Your achievements are impressive. Moreover (and I discovered it while browsing your website), your community looks nice and friendly. That's also a very important point for me.

I'd really like to play in a serious guild, with good players and great teamplay. You can't enjoy all the features WAR offers if you stay alone or in a small guild with no ambitions. I won't lie, I like to win, like everybody. And needless to say, Ginnunga would respond perfectly to what I expect from a guild.
Previous MMOs:
I have tried a lot of MMOs so far.

My first MMO was The Fourth Coming (T4C), an old school MMORPG, on GOA servers. It was something like 7 or 8 years ago so I don't remember everything (and I lost all of my screenshots of this era). There was no real "characters classes", but my character mostly used magic spells, so I assume he was a mage :D

After The Fourth Coming, I went to Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) european servers (GOA, again). I was excited by the beta-test, so I bought my game copy without an ounce of hesitation. I played an Eldritch named Galadhil on Hibernia / Brocéliande. My guild was "Le Royaume d'Aubrane", and if I remember well, my character was level 30+ when I stopped.

For a quite long period of time, I tried many MMOs, while never staying on one in particular : Asheron's Call 2, The Saga of Ryzom, Shadowbane... For a short time (2 or 3 months), I tried Ragnarok Online (official servers). I played a Knight and pushed it to level 60+. But to be honest, Gravity's (the dev studio of the game) server gestion was awfull and the game itself wasn't really deep so I left promptly.

In October 2003, I bought the US version of Final Fantasy XI for PC. The game disappointed me a lot so the experience didn't last long.

In 2004, I discovered Lineage 2. In fact, I already tried the game some time ago thanks to the Korean open beta-test (It was a bit tricky to create an account on the korean website, I must admit it), and I loved it. So I purchased the game and played a bit on Bartz server... When I received my key for the closed beta-test of World of Warcraft.

I played WoW for a year and half, tried many classes (both Horde and Alliance sides). My main was a Dwarven Paladin, in the guild "The Union" on Arathor.

In 2006, I rediscovered Lineage 2 on private servers (I know... it's bad and it's not really like the official servers, but we had fun, though :) ), mostly low rates ones. I joined the guild "Silmarils", a great community of players (I'm still playing with some of them in Warhammer Online). I used to play a Spellhowler.

In May 2008, I bought Age of Conan. Still in the "Silmarils" guild. I played a Herald of Xotli level 80 named Achoris, and a level 74 Barbarian named Neasa, on Wildsoul server.

On Thursday 18 September 2008, a few Silmarils bought their copy of WAR and tested the game... And liked it. I am one of them.
Anything extra I want to add:
So I'll talk a bit about me. My name is Clément, I'm a 22 year old student, living in the north-east of France. I study law in Reims University (I'm in 3rd year, so I have plenty of time now :D)

I've been gaming (on pc an consoles) for more than 10 years. I mostly play online games on my computer (Warhammer Online and Team Fortress 2 are my current favorites) and on my XBOX 360. (Soul Calibur 4 and Mass Effect rocks)

Besides videos games, I have several hobbies. Reading, cinema, music, pen & paper rpgs. I also played Warhammer (yes, the one with painted figures) a little. I'm a huge fan of animes, mangas, and all the subculture that revolves around (4chan, fansubbing, etc...)

What more can I say ? I'm a disciplined player, who listens to the orders. I used to be a guild officer in Silmarils (you can ask my guild leader, Elmanill, who applied too :D) I understand english well (written and spoken), and I believe my writting and speaking skills are quite good... despite the terrible french accent.

In Warhammer Online, I play a Swordmaster, currently at rank 32/renown 29. I chose this career because I love their fighting style (dance mechanics), their look, and the lore of the Swordmasters of Hoeth... Too bad their helms are so ugly, though ! On a side note, Wings of Heaven is awesome :D
I know playing a tank can be an ungrateful job, but I like it. Besides, leading the charge on the battefield and fight in the melee without dying is thrilling and priceless :)

Well, I think that will be enough for now. I hope this apply didn't bore you too much !



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Rift - Rules

Sun, 06 Feb 2011 21:43 | Ernesto Ernesto in Rift

General Guild Rules

We expect our members to be 100% loyal to the guild. If you are a member of Ginnunga you are not allowed to join other guilds on your alternate characters. No one outside the guild may have access to your account, ever. If you are quitting the game/taking a break, talk to a leader and they will sort things out, quitting the game does not have to mean quitting the guild.

Alternate Characters.
You are allowed to have multiple alternate characters in the guild

Guildline and Voice comm.
English is the main language of the guild. Please remember that not all have this as their first language, and misunderstandings can occur. So before you think about starting an argument, try to reread the message given and see if there might be a misunderstanding somewhere. We also discourage foul language on the guildline. Cursing is of course allowed, but stay mature.

If you are on someone elses character, you are required to mention your main character name before you say anything. Impersonating someone will lead to terrible things.
Example: /gu (Ernesto) Hey guys!

Out of guild arguments.
Do not involve the guild in personal problems. If someone has a problem with you that concerns the guild, please forward them to the leader, who will handle the problem. If you have a problem with someone, discuss it with the guild first before starting a fight. Sometimes things are not as bad as they might occur while you are angry.
You have to remember that everything you do with our guildtag attached to your name reflects back on to the guild. Respect the other players you play with and respect your guildmates. Bashing of individuals and/or guilds in any public channels will not be tolerated under any circumstances. When you communicate with other players, do so in an adult manner. This also applies to social networks, forums, conventions and anything where you can be identified as a member of the guild.
There will be no lollerkidding, unless first started by the leader!

Domestic arguments.
Even though we are the best of friends this will happen sooner or later, if this happens do not leave the guild in anger, try to talk it out at first and direct the issue to the leader who will handle the problem. If the problem cannot be solved the leader will take the proper actions.

The usage of any form of 3rd party software or service that actively changes gameplay will, if revealed lead to instant and final expulsion from the guild.
Examples: Macro programs to AFK in battlegrounds, wallhacks, aimbots, purchase of virtual property/accounts and the likes.

You are expected to keep up to date with the information in the private forums on this site. Read them at least once every day that you play the game. The forum is the place where the officers spread information vital to your gameplay and the community as a whole.

Voice Chat.
We are using the Teamspeak software in this guild, and you are required to have this installed and properly configured with a working microphone and push-to-talk. While playing Rift, being on Teamspeak is mandatory.

Leaving the guild (anti emo rule).
If you declare that you leave the guild, you will have done just so. After leaving the guild, you will never be invited back again under any circumstances.

Raid Rules

If a guildevent is called by a leader or an officer, everyone who is currently online has to participate, within reason. When an event is called, your reponse will be swift an immediate and, within reason, you will drop what you are doing and move to the assigned location without any delay.
Be prepared
You should at all times be prepared and ready. We do not make 20 people wait for you to go to the bank and pick up your potion or trinket or doll.
Be awesome
Listen carefully, do not disturb the raid. Suggestions about how to beat a raid or encounter are made on the forum. We do not give up until Cogency has had enough. That can take days.
Raid Spec
One of your roles will be dedicated for guild purposes. For example, you might be the poor soul who has to maintank guild PvE events, then you have to keep that tank role ready. This role and it's spec can be forced upon you by the leadership.
Example: Drexa wants to pew pew, but the guild needs an archon, so then, he has to use his archon role on raids

Loot Rules

Sometimes the guild requires special materials. These materials must not be sold on the open market, but rather to the guild bank.
Large raids.
During large raids time spent is recorded. This combined with other factors can and will be used to spread loot evenly within the guild with the motto "Guild progress and fame over Drexas needs". More specific loot rules can be found within the private forums, visible to members.

Alternative Characters.
Main characters always goes over alternative characters in groups - Need (main character need) goes before greed, always and forever. Addendum to rules: Any attempts of sidestepping, bending or avoiding the rules will be considered as breaking them.

Dictator loot.
Some items may be restricted from certain classes/specs. Sometimes specific items are defaulted to specific members in the interest of increasing the guilds progress. The enforcing of this rule is solely up to the guild leader and the officers. Our goal is to make the guild awesome. If Drexa gets an upgrade, it makes the guild more awesome. That is awesome.

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