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Hot summer, dead elf

Summer is arriving and with it, everything that we nefarious nerds dislike: Sun, air, grass, happiness and ice cream.

While a few lesser minded individuals in the guild seem inclined to follow the wishes of sub-humans and accompany them in the sun, the remaining brave has put the pedal to the metal and we have been fighting harder than ever in Cyrodiil. Both Chrysamere and Auriel's Bow have suffered uncountable deaths to their elven and mermaid population.

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New members!

It's no secret that Ginnunga is aging. During our 15 years as a gaming guild some of our members have gone from young vibrant buttonmashers to lovable senior citizens, barely capable of discerning our enemies on the battlefield from the pigeons they'd much rather be feeding.
To stop us from all together becoming a home for the meek and elderly we're always looking for fresh blood to fill our ranks. Today it's our pleasure to welcome eight new bretheren into our family.

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The one about the bridge and the oil

Over the weekend the guild guested on Auriel's Bow since our home campaign Chrysamere has too many Daggerfall Covenant players currently. We picked Auriel's bow since both Ebonass Pact and All-Mermaid Dominion were locked, while DC only had two pegs.

It proved to be a good pick and the weekend was one of the best so far in ESO.

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The Zerg on Chrysamere

Some of our hardest and best fights on Chrysamere has been against Ebonheart Pact. A sudden huge influx of Daggerfall Covenant players on our campaign has sadly ruined a lot of the fun we have had over the past few weeks with very decent and balanced numbers.

As per usual, Ginnunga tries to stay away from our own zerg and fight our own battles, which at times proves difficult when the opposing side gathers too large of a number.

This time, they were not many enough.

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Abandonment - A two way street

We've been abandoned. Our baby vampire emperor has fled Chrysamere in search for paler pastures. We mourn, but never falter, and despite this betrayal we've overtaken the All Mermaid Dominion and claimed the first place for Daggerfall Covenant.

Meanwhile the war rages on in Cyrodiil, some Ginnungans are still struggling with the challenges presented by Elder Scrolls Onlines leveling experience. We find ourselves wondering if Meilink will ever get VR10, and just how long Sammerkand can hold on to whatever is left of his his sanity while battling hordes of overpowered scamps.

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Abandoning an Emperor on Chrysamere

Ginnunga crowned our first emperor! And then we turned around to abandoned him for greener pastures. (But only for a weekend, we are still on Chrysamere). Read the whole story about how baby vampire realized a life long dream, just to have it taken away by a bunch of pigs.
Bloody Sunday

After a week in Elder Scrolls Online we decided enough was enough. It was time to show the tree hugging hillbillies of All Mermaid Dominion that Cyrodiil wasn't theirs for the taking. It was time to show them that Ginnunga would bleed, die and reap souls for the Daggerfall Covenant.

We dethroned a emperor. We fought two furious factions. We got our scrolls back. We catapulted 18 people in the top 50 most earned alliance points. But the night had just started.
Ginnungas first level 50

It's been a hectit few days to say the least. Since the launch of Elder Scrolls Online we have been furiously questing, slaying, picking flowers and baking bread like beasts. Some of us have been a tad more persistant than others and about three days after launch we had our first level 50.

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