Well Blizzard strikes again with the hotfixes, I'm glad we managed to down Omnomnomtron before they nerfed the fight into the ground. That's not to say the core of the fight is gone, it's still there but it's more like a snack you can finish in a couple of bites compared to the previous hearty brunch it was beforehand.

Ok ok no more food anologies, this is wearing a little thin, we also downed Magmaw! Unfortunately given that we spent something like 3 hours on it in total it's probably not too challenging a fight overall now but I'd rather look at this as us getting the focus we need back to start making some headway with the heroics especially after an awful end to Sundays raid when networking problems forcing us to end over 30+ minutes early. More good news soon, I promise.


In other news we also killed Conclave, hooray! While Reck would be reassuring me statistically this is the 3rd easiest boss I would respond with it's a giant pain in the arse I never want to put up with again. Kinda like Obsidian Sanctum 3 Drakes but without the fun and loot and stuff... Did I mention I hate this fight?