I'm sad to say but Ginnunga Stormreaver will no longer continue raiding.

We've had 6 years of fun together through our ups and downs but we could not keep raiding with our depleted roster.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our history and don't forget the forums as even if we're not raiding we're still here.

Late post on this but nonetheless excellent work on Cho'Gall, we ended up getting a ton of top rankings on World of logs from this kill but I guess there aren't too many people doing 10 man heroic at a serious level. Ah yes did I mention 10 man? Not t...
Nefarian 25 heroic daun

Nefarian goes down in flames in a surprisingly polished first kill! My thanks to the raiders who put in the extra effort to show up on our unofficial raid day. View attachment: nef.jpg
Magmaw + Conclave heroic

Well Blizzard strikes again with the hotfixes, I'm glad we managed to down Omnomnomtron before they nerfed the fight into the ground. That's not to say the core of the fight is gone, it's still there but it's more like a snack you can finish in a coupl...
Omnomnom heroic

Good work to everyone that showed up for our first Omnotron 25 heroic kill and welcome to the new trials that have joined recently. I don't have much to say on the fight, the difficulty was just about right for this level of content but these kind of...
Atramedes daun

Thank you Ultimate for supplying this lovely rendition of our first Atramedes heroic kill. The likeness is uncanny and I will come to rely on your artistic talent in the future. I think this was our 2nd raid day on this guy but I do regret putting it...
Slayers of the incompetent

No, no, we didn't kill Ultimate, we killed Nefarians favourite son on heroic! Overall a nice little fight although after the changes even if we did a not so great job the DPS requirement isn't too harsh at all. This kill should have happened 1-2 weeks...
First Cataclysm heroic

We picked Halfus as our first boss to focus on in heroic and we'll probably continue the trend when we move on to Maloriak or Chimaeron. I like the approach they took when designing this fight, the normal version varies each week and requires a pretty...

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