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With no MMOs out currently that interest us, we are spending our time playing various multi player games such as Heroes of the Storm, Battlefield, Marvel heroes and World of Warships.

The yearly gathering will take place in Stockholm, 17th-19th of July 2015. More details on the forum. If you are not a guildmember and wish to attend, contact Ernesto on the forum and we will sort you out.

Ginnunga has moved server host and took the opportunity to switch the software that ran the webpage to a new one. The old software was from 2004 and so heavily modified by us it was very hard to manage. I have been hesitant to switch due to the mass...
Ginnunga forums suffers database crash.

We've lost the last 18 months posts. Not much to do about it but to soldier on. The only thing lost are the messages. Heartbreaking, especially for Janne who has to farm back his postcount. A comment from Calyn: "Things broke, I'm out."

Gamescom 2012 is currently underway! Calyn, Coots and Cogency had a chance to go and have a look on day one. Made a few pictures of the booths and stuff, I guess you all know what a computer looks like and the trailers of new games can be found on Yout...

Gamescom 2012! I made a whole bunch pictures, mainly of booths because well, i'm pretty sure you know what a computer screen running a game looks like and footage of the new games can be found on youtube anyway. Comments for this item can be found in t...

Guildleader of the Year Award 2012 recognizes the best guildleader of 2012 and possibly all time. WinnerErnestoNomineesErnestoGinnunga is proud to present an exclusive interview with this years winner. Congratulations to the award Ernesto! Our reader...

After Miraxx expressed his love for Ginnunga by getting an awesome tattoo, our own Ove had one done also to further increate the hype for Ginnunga in GW2! http://./fa/13848/0/ http://./fa/13849/0/ Now that is what I call dedication! View attachme...

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