October recap!

[font=helvetica]The road might not be straight and we might stumble on the occasional bug, bot, or boat, but Ginnunga is wholeheartedly enjoying Archeage. So much that all our time is spent slaying bosses, pillaging tradeships or growing lemons and suddenly it's been a month since our last update.[/font]

[font=helvetica]It's time to recap the month of october![/font]
Recruitment open on Kyprosa

We have found the people we need for the foreseeable future and recruitment will be closed until November 20, 2014 when we will start reading applications again. Update: Recruitment is now open
Ginnunga takes to the high seas

The first two weeks in Archeage has had their highs and lows. Queues, crashes, and other issues have certainly put a damper on things, but it has not stopped us from diving into the new world. Though diving is not something we henceforth will need to do, because Ginnunga recently built and launched our first galleon class ship, an eznan cutter named "Loveboat".

More on this and how the guild on Kyprosa is doing in the full article.
Ginnunga rolls on Kyprosa

After much consideration (many coinflips) we've chosen the European server Kyprosa for our adventures in Archeage. We're hoping to see both new faces and old friends, so come join us!
Sorry, kitten, we're putting you down

Following a long tradition of loving everything elven Ginnunga has decided to side with the goddess Nui and make our home in the western continent for the upcoming release of Archeage. Everyone who says we've ever been less than loving towards elves is a liar, a thief and should be put in a plastic bag to be drowned.
Ginnunga giving a go at ArcheAge!

September 16th ArcheAge is being released! Of course we're giving it a go. A bunch of us already pre-ordered the game so we can take advantage of the headstart which starts the 12th of September, along with all the other benefits that come with it. Fi...

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