We played on the server Perento and fought for the faction of Elyos.

We had a big launch for Aion, our highest membercount in any gamelaunch with 102 members. - Everyone were quite hyped up after our great success in Warhammer as well as enormous hopes that there would not again be such a huge debaucle as the Warhammer endgame.

It didn't take until our first siege to be proved so horribly horribly wrong. The game was a 32bit application without proper memorydumps, so on a 64bit system when the game tried to use more than 2gb of RAM, it promptly crashed you to desktop.

Add the massive amount of crashes with the fact that client FPS was attrocious during large sieges, we knew we were in for a hard time.

Those of us who were old grinders didn't mind the harsh levelling curve, but the more modern players in our guild wasn't liking the situation very much. Add to that the fact that PvP was rather meaningless when it came to farming PvP points, as well as the quite difficult aerial combat (Dredgion was OK) for melee classes, it was just a disaster.

We capped a few keeps, then just called it quits, the long grinds and the poor FPS in sieges just did it for us, our worst Warhammer nightmares just came back.