IrfanView is an image viewer and resizer.

It is a free alternative to programs like Adobe Photoshop, if you just wish to resize an image and save it in a web-friendly way.

The assist macro! Very important, as in every game we play, you must have a macro like this ready and working! Below you can find how to make the assist macro. This macro is instant, no delay or switching back and forth. It directly assists your main...

Each zone has a puzzle to solve with a nice reward at the end. They only give the item reward once, and they seem to scale with your own level but only up to a certain max level: Freemarch/Silverwood/Lake of Solace: Max Level 30 Stonefield/Gloamwood/S...

Intro This guide is for the 5 man Cataclysm expansion achievements. All is welcomed to post here, or correct me if I'm wrong. All helpful posts will be added to this topic and credits given to the rightful people. All of the achievements are labeled w...
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Soundpack Download soundpack here 25.9KB 691 downloads I have created a less noisy text-to-speech soundpack to be used together with Teamspeak. To install the soundpack, just unpack the zip file into your teamspeak 3/sounds/ d...

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