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Give me a W-A-R!

[font=sans-serif]"War is a state of armed conflict between societies. It is generally characterized by extreme collective aggression, destruction, and usually high mortality." [/font]

[font=sans-serif]It's also fun as fuck, specially if you read the full story.[/font]
We spread for the lord!

There is only one lord, and his name is Cogency. In his name we've opened our hearts, spread our... hearts and welcomed new brothers and sisters in our ranks.

But why is Ginnunga growing so quick? Who's out there doing the lords work, bringing his sheep home? Read all about it in the full post.
Fresh pigs for the pen

Ginnunga keeps growing in Black Desert Online on Croxus and meanwhile fresh recruits join our ranks a few hardened veterans have achieved the noble status of members. But being a member of Ginnunga is often more than you might have bargained for...

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