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George is dead! Long live George!

Our first and most useless Elephant, has been taken to the veterinarian after appearing 4 times in a row during a node war, failing us deeply. While it was hard emotionally on everyone, we had to have him put down. Goodbye George. You will not be mis...
The last lords of Calpheon

With the help of Sanguine, and a coincidental peace keeping mission by Addicted, Ginnunga was crowned lords of Calpheon in the very last siege of Croxus. In true nerd fashion we say good bye to the server with one last roleplay.

Read all about it in the full post.
Lords of Balenos

The final battle wasn’t a struggle. It wasn’t even a battle. But when Ginnunga after weeks of war declared Cogency Lord of Balenos it was an effort that never the less had taken its fair share of blood, sweat and tears. Of damage and dedication.

Read all about it in the full post.

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